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Pizza Perfect

As part of ‘World Week’ and our chosen country of country of Italy, we were thrilled when we found out we were all being taken to lunch at the nearby Frankie & Benny’s restaurant.

As ever, there was a twist, and it turned out we had to make our own lunch were going to try our hand at making that famous and popular Italian dish. Pizza.

Before we could get anywhere near the food we needed our own hats. The nice lady at Frankie & Benny’s told us that we couldn’t make anything until we had something to cover out hair. And so with a collection of coloured pens we set about customising our newly acquired paper head coverings with aptly themed designs.

Well, mostly.

Once done and our hands washed and dried to get rid on any nasty unwanted bacteria and germs we set about covering the base and then adorning them with our choice of toppings. Yum. Off to the ovens they went and soon the pizzas were coming back thick and fast.

For the first time since we arrived a calm and eerie silence descended across the restaurant as all 29 of us tucked into our recently cooked creations. Even the teachers got in the act and craftily managed to get away with a pizza of their own.

Then the nice lady at Frankie & Benny’s gave away some prizes for the best designed hats before we said thank you and left. Finally, it was back on the bus and back to school just in time for…errr…lunch!

We had a great time and thanks again to the people at F&Bs.