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The real X factor

X doesn’t always mark the spot, or come after Y, sometimes it represents a number.

We spent some time this morning learning about Roman Numerals and how they can be used to represent numbers. We have put together a handy guide below.


We see I, V and X all the time without realising it. Chances are you have a clock somewhere in your house with them on the face. But if you only have the letters above to represent numbers, how do you make 3? Simple really. In any given row of letters the largest number always takes precedence and you then work to the left or right. Left for taking away, right for adding on. For example;

IV = 4 and works out at 5-1

XII = 12 and is 10+1+1

L, C, D and M are letters that we don’t see very often but if you do chances are it will be referring to the year. This year, 2015 is represented at MMXV which is 1000+1000+10+5

We worked in groups to solve maths problems with the questions and answers in Roman Numerals. It’s not a simple as it looks. We even managed to get a problem where the question and answer needed the whole class. YEAR 6 TOP TIP: If you want to remember the order of the last four above, Lucky Cows Drink Milk.