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The Comic Strip Presents…

The Battle of Bosworth is regarded by many as the last great battle in the War of the Roses (the ongoing battle between the Houses of York and Lancaster) with victory by Henry Tudor marking the start the Tudor dynasty in the 15th Century.

The battle was fought on 22nd August 1485 in a field near the village of Bosworth, just up the road in nearby Leicestershire. Although the actual site of the battle is, to some, an ongoing matter of dispute we decided to let them argue it out whilst we documented the proceedings of the day in comic strip form.

We initially drew our ‘frames’ which detailed the opposing sides, the location of the site and the following battle in which Richard III was killed before being buried in what was eventually to become a car park.

We then turned to the iPads and using an app called ComicMakerHD set about turning our creations into digital comic strips complete with speech, descriptions and information on the battle. With only a short introduction to the app, and having never used it before, we had to work out how to use it and find our way through various options using trial and error as well as sharing tips and tricks we had found with others in the class.

Some of our comic strips are below with more to follow soon. We hope you enjoy them.