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Tudor Deadline Day…

1485 – 22nd August: Henry Tudor defeats Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth.

1502 – 2nd April: Arthur, Prince of Wales dies, leaving his widow, Catherine of Aragon. With the heir to the throne now dead, the 11-year old Henry, Duke of York, became first in line to the throne.

1534 – 6th July: Former Chancellor Sir Thomas More is executed for treason for refusing to swear to the Act of Succession (which made Ann Boleyn’s daughter Elizabeth heir to the throne) because its preface undermined the authority of the pope.

1587 – 8th February: Mary Stuart (Mary I of Scotland) is executed when found guilty of treason to kill Elizabeth

2015 – 14th December: Year 6 hand in their Tudor Homework Project that they have been working on for a month.

If you, or someone else, needs to to email it I will be in on Monday and can print it. My email address is: matt.oakley@avps.org.uk

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