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You may have heard about Office 365 when we talk about your email addresses.

You may also have heard that Abington Vale are now a ‘Microsoft Associate School‘ whatever that is.

Well, after a lot of hard work behind the scenes (and a lot more work going on and still to be done) we are introducing new technology into the classroom including devices and the use of new and updated software. Our ‘Mystery Skype’ was one example of where we collaborated with another Microsoft Associate schools around the world. You will soon see more interactive lessons across all the subjects as we bring these new technologies into the classroom.

Abington Vale are 1 of only 14 Microsoft Associate Schools in the whole of the UK with the teachers working with Microsoft directly to make the best of the technology available.

Some of you have already handed back your Acceptable Use Policy (AuP) forms which means this week we will be issuing you your Office 365 email addresses and login details.

No form = No email address. Even if you don’t plan to use it at home you will still need it for use in school so please bring them in. If there are any specific queries come and find me and I’ll answer them for you.

Mr Oakley

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