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Year 6 Girls Debate

The Year 6 girls had a great day learning the art of debate!  We were lucky enough to be joined by Mrs Fordham who is a teacher at Northampton High School and Alice Coombes Huntley from a company called Noisy Classrooms. Alice has trained university, secondary and primary school debaters in England and America for the last four years. She was a member of the England Worlds Schools team and went on to debate for Bristol university. She has won three national competitions and her university team was ranked fourth best in Europe.  I am sure you will agree we were very lucky that she decided to come to Abington Vale!

Alice showed us a variety of debating techniques and talked us through the many rules and regulations that surround the activity. We then finished off the day by debating whether school uniform should be banned, whether the Royal Family should go or whether homework should be banned. All the girls had a role from the timekeeper (who got to hit the gavel every 30 seconds) to the chair person to members of the opposition or proposition teams and finally floor speakers who formed part of the floor debate.  We were very impressed with how well all the girls participated and have noted some possible speakers for parliament in the future maybe!?

We are looking forward to taking part in the schools debate alongside 3 other schools in 2 weeks time.


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